Memorials and Honorariums

Gifts were generously given in honor/memory of the following individuals.


In memory of Bill Slack by

Edith Slack

In memory of Doris Harris by

Mike and Jynne Harris

In memory of Linda Dion by

Don White

In memory of Mark Schultz by

Mike and Jynne Harris



In Honor of Cathy York by

Barbara Goode

In Honor of Nick and Chris Loflin by

Julie Loflin

In Honor of Diane Wise by

Betty Williams
John and Shirley Gough

In Honor of pearce and anne landry by

Mark Brassfield
James and Sharon Nussbaum
James and Sharon Schlosser
Douglas and Eve Key
Michael and Mary Krick
Coker and Sarah Golden

In Honor of peggy ritchie by

Dawn Hailey
Betty Williams
John and Shirley Gough

In Honor of randy and rhonda ennever by

Sandra Ennever

In Honor of regina clark by

Mary Ann and Jeffrey Johnson

In Honor of robin and Steve kimmel by

Frank and Laura Sizemore

In Honor of ronda mode elliott by

Beth Marschall

In Honor of Rose Chamblee by

Billy Chamblee

In Honor of yvonne kroenke by

Cathy York