Philosophy of Education


At Hope Academy we believe that effective education is achieved through the commitment of an entire community (students, parents, staff, volunteers, and supporters) to help children reach their full potential.


An academic program marked by excellence and high achievement, as evidenced by:

  • An environment that conveys the message that all students can learn
  • An extended day and school year allowing more time for learning.
  • Individual attention through low student to teacher ratios and a small student body
  • Effective, enabled, equipped, and empowered staff, parents, and supporters
  • Increasingly higher levels of motivation and responsibility for learning


A biblical worldview that is evidenced by:

  • An awareness of the unconditional love of God, a sense of purpose and self-worth, and hope for the future.
  • An awareness that all of our efforts should honor and glorify God.
  • Employees who serve as models and mentors of the highest biblical values by loving God and loving other.
  • Instructions and training that integrate the truth of God’s Word with the facts about God’s world


Positive character development through:

  • Clear expectations of students to demonstrate appropriate, responsible, and productive social behavior
  • A redemptive discipline model that impacts the hearts of students
  • Mentoring and instruction by Godly role models
  • Developing social and relational skills in formal and informal settings
  • Cross curriculum/school emphasis on a culture of respect, values of diversity and leadership, promoting physical, emotional, and spiritual wholeness